• HWP-02 portable wireless printer
  • HWP-02 wireless printer for alcohol tester

HWP-02 Wireless Printer

  • Print Principal: Thermal Type
  • Print Paper Width: 58mm
  • Valid Print Width: 40mm(30 ASCII characters or 15 Chinese characters)
  • Outline Dimension: 108×79×47mm (l×b×h)
  • Weight: 199g
  • Paper Roll Diameter: 40mm

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This product specializes in the printing that applied to the alcohol tester.
2.1 Print Performance
Print Principal: Thermal Type
Print Paper Width:58mm
Valid Print Width:40mm(30 ASCII characters or 15 Chinese characters)
Printable Range:24 × 36 bold characters and 16×24ASCII characters is available.
2.2 Physical Parameter
Outline Dimension: 108×79×47mm (l×b×h)
Paper Roll Diameter:40mm
Interface Method:Bluetooth
2.3 Environment Parameter
Operation Temperature:-5℃~50℃
Working Humidity:20%RH~85%RH
Storage Temperature:-20℃~75℃
Storage Humidity : 5%RH~85%RH
2.4 Other Features
Paper Loading Mode:clamshell mode(please refer to 4.1.2 for more details)
Power Supply Mode:1500mA 7.4V high capability lithium battery
Paper Out Check:when paper is used up, the status indicator light will twinkle, when paper is finished loading, the indicator light will be off.
Low Power Alarm:when the power light twinkles fast, it indicates that it’s time to charge up.
Automatic Dormancy:if the printer doesn’t receive the printing data or signals within 10min, it will turn into dormancy mode automatically.
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