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Breathalyzer vending machines are being used everywhere that alcohol is consumed: bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.If you own a bar or restaurant you've probably considered, or at least heard of, the idea of installing a breathalyzer vending machine in your establishment.

The most obvious and direct advantage to having a breathalyzer at your bar or restaurant is that ideally you will be preventing people from driving intoxicated. If your business serves alcohol, you have a certain societal responsibility to do everything within reason to prevent your customers from driving drunk.

A breathalyzer machine for bars can also help improve the overall image of your bar or restaurant in your community. Buying a professional quality breathalyzer for your establishment shows your patrons that you are committed to being socially responsible, and that your business is a healthy part of the community.

Let's not forget the financial benefits that having a breathalyzer in your bar can provide for your business. For one, like any vending machine, once you pay off your initial investment, the ensuing sales are practically 100% profit. Apart from maintenance costs which are fairly minimal, there are no hidden fees whatsoever to owning a bar breathalyzer.

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