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The police have the power to stop vehicles at random, and they also have the power to perform completely random preliminary breath alcohol tests.Police on roads check if there's any drivers attempting to drive or in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol over regulated threshold.There're different models to assist police complete it. For example, it can firstly qualitatively check by using rapid screen breathalyzers AT7000,AT7100 and AT7200 to identify if there's drivers under consumption of alcohol. If there's any positive, please apply professional accurate models which is recommended as AT8100,AT8800,AT8900,AT8801,AT9000.Some can also take photos during of testing.

Recommended Models:
AT7000, AT7100, AT7200 for qualitative test

AT8100, AT8800, AT8900, AT8801, AT9000 for quantative test

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