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Welcome to our 130th Canton Fair on-line Show

Oct 15, 2021

For more than 21 years, Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation has been the exhibitor of Canton Fair. Under this long-term stable relationship, Hanwei has shown its outstanding products to the word. Now the 130th canton fair is coming, and we welcome customers around the world come to our canton fair on-line show. (October 15th to 19th ,2021)

There are 8 on-line shows for this Fair, and we will introduce three main product serials and its applications. They are Alcohol breathalyzers; Household Gas Alarm and Industrial Gas Detector. Let’s have an overview about Hanwei’s products---alcohol breathalyzers firstly.

Alcohol breathalyzers, it is an instrument to provide reading against alcohol levels within human body by testing the breath or blowing of people. As we all known, drink driving and drink working could lead to serious consequences for all. Such as drink driving may bring chaos, inquiry and in some cases of death to people’s lives. And dirking working may cause accidents resulting in damage to property and inquiry to staff. Thus, all of these calls for alcohol breathalyzers before driving and working at safety-critical workplace.

Hanwei’s alcohol breathalyzers have three main serials, personal use alcohol breathalyzers, rapid screenings, and low enforcement alcohol breathalyzers. The 13 alcohol breathalyzers will be demonstrated detailed one by one. Please stay tuned to us for the Canton Fair on-line show.

We will be waiting for you. (October 15th to 19th ,2021)

Anything, please feel free to contact me: doris@hwsensor.com

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