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Fire Safety in “Nine Types of Small Places”

In recent years, "nine types of small places "bringing conveniences to people's daily life have been developing rapidly. But there exist many fire risks in "nine types of small places", including building structure design, spatial function, fire safety awareness as well as fire supervision and inspection. In order to specify the focal points of fire supervision, a survey has been conducted to study the factors influencing fire safety and the proportion of these factors in "nine types of small places". The results show that fire safety awareness accounts for the biggest proportion of influence and spatial function is secondary. In this paper, some countermeasures are put forward to eliminate the fire risks of "nine types of small places".

"nine types of small places " includes: restaurants、factory, shopping mall, entertainment place, school or kindergarten, hotel, public baths, hospital.

Suitable products:
JTY-GF-YB010 Smoke Detector

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