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D623 Flame Detector

Multi-infrared sensing technology, narrow band filter

Long distance detection, wide angle

Fast response, good selectivity

Operating Voltage: DC18~30V (standard DC24V)

Response time: 3~10s

Ingress protection: IP66



D623 utilizes advanced multi-infrared sensing technology (MIR) to detect the flame with good selectivity, sending alarm to the central monitoring platform once capture a flame, to avoid explosion, fire hazard in public places and working places.


Multi-infrared sensing technology, narrow band filter

Long distance detection, wide angle

Good suppression to sunlight, lightning, welding, artificial light, the environment (people, etc.), thermal radiation, electromagnetic interference, mechanical vibration

Fast response, good selectivity

Passive contact

Bus interfaces connected to the fire alarm system


Aerospace industry, hangars, aircraft maintenance facilities, chemical industry, road tunnels, ammunition and explosives depot, paint factories, oil and chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, power stations, printing companies, flammable materials warehouses and combustible carbonaceous material etc. occasions.


Operating voltage DC18~30V (standard DC24V)
Operating current ≤35mA (DC24V)
Response time 3~10s
View of angle ≤90°
Detection Distance
42m Dimension(33cm×33cm)
Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Working Humidity ≤95%RH (40±2℃) (no condensation)
Signal Current Relay passive contact,
0-20mA output, Modbus output
Ingress protection IP66
Explosion-proof Ex d IIC T6
Mounted Wall mounted
Thread NPT 1/2”
Enclosure Aluminum alloy
Weight About 2kg

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