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KB1000 Gas Alarm Control Panel

Audible and visual alarm signals

3 relay output to connect external equipment

Power supply: AC 220V±33V, 50Hz±5Hz

Consumption: ≤10W

Communications signal: 4-20mA analog signal

Gas detector quantity: 4pcs



KB1000 is a small-point 4-20mA combustible gas alarm control panel. Each machine can be connected to 4 flammable detectors and continuously monitor the detectors. When the gas concentration of the detectors reaches or exceeds the alarm setting value, the panel will immediately send out an audible and visual alarm to remind the operator to take safety measures in time.


Audible and visual alarm signals

Flexible application

3 relay output to connect external equipment

Unique anti-interference software improves the measurement accuracy


It forms a combustible gas alarm monitoring system with an alarm, which is suitable for industrial and commercial small restaurants, snack bars, barber shops, bathrooms, small hospitals and other places.


Power supply AC 220V±33V, 50Hz±5Hz
Consumption ≤10W
Communications signal 4-20mA analog signal
Gas detector quantity 4pcs
Voltage output to detector DC 24V±6V
Ingress protection IP54
Ambient temperature -10℃- 50℃
Humidity ≤95%RH (no condensation)
Indication method LCD screen and LED indicators
Alarming method Audible and visual signals
Output method Fan capacity: ≤800W  Solenoid valve: ≤30W

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