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KB6000III Gas Control Panel

Consumption: ≤15W

Detector quantity: ≤62pcs

Ingress protection: IP54

Alarm method: Visual and audible

Transmission distance: ≤1000m



KB6000III gas alarm control panel can form an industrial gas intelligent control system with Hanwei TC100N gas detector, which is used to monitor and alarm the gas concentration in the industrial field.


With LED display, it is not influenced by the sunlight and can show the gas concentration clearly.

Audible and visual alarm will be given out once the gas concentration reaches the preset danger level.

International icon indication with illustration, easy for the user to better use the device.

6 relay output, to connect with exhaust fan & gas shut off valve.

Fast response, high reliability, low fault rate, easy for maintenance, on-line calibration.

MCU control and abundant software: easy to complete signal sampling, real-time data calculating, system fault detecting, power management, buttons scanning, displaying driving program, alarm displaying and linked external equipment etc.

Auto--search after being activated.

Intellectual system: Easy on-line zero calibration, relay free contact.

Simple and easy installation.

Linked external equipment can be activated through the control panel.


KB6000III gas control panel is designed for industrial use with RS485 communications signal.


Power AC220V±15%  50Hz±1%
Consumption ≤15W
Voltage output DC24V±25%
Detector quantity ≤62pcs
Ingress protection IP54
Working temp -10℃~50℃
Working humidity ≤95%RH
Indication method Lights indicate the detector status
LED display alarm concentration and detector number
Various alarm sound indicate the different alarm type and fault alert
Alarm method Visual and audible
Cable required RVVP3×1.5mm2, RVVP4×1.5mm2
Transmission distance ≤1000m 
Relay output 6 dry relays (capacity: 2A / AC220V)
Installation type Wall mounted
Dimension 390×280×116.2 mm
Weight About 7.5kg

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