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Coal and Steel Industries

Modern mining has very strict regulations which require the use of portable gas detectors. There are many different processes employed in making and forming steel and each stage generates and uses potentially hazardous gases. Coke ovens, the sinter plant, blast furnaces, forming operations as well as secondary steel and continuous casting use or produce dangerous levels of gases.

Workers in steel plants must always wear carbon monoxide detectors as this is a hazard in steel production. In addition, blast furnaces must be equipped with hydrogen detection equipment. For leak control, suitable portable gas detectors must be used, to give rapid warning of explosive and toxic gas leaks. Protect workers from exposure to toxic or flammable gas hazards.

Hanwei offer an extensive range of portable gas detection equipment designed to monitor a wide variety of toxic and combustible gases, such as methane, hydroxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen deficiency.

Suitable model:
BX176 single gas detector for CO
TC100N fixed gas detector for CO

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