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What NOT to Do When You Suspect a Leak

May 31, 2021

If you suspect your home has a gas leak, there are steps you definitely should not take:

1. Do not search for the source of the leak. Searching for the cause of a gas leak exposes you to the gas, with potentially dangerous results. Leave leak detection to the experts.

2. Do not try to repair the leak on your own. Always contact a professional. Attempting a DIY repair without a professional could place you at risk.

3. Do not use electronics inside the house. This includes cell phones, telephones, light switches or electronic devices with batteries. Any use of electricity can trigger a spark that may ignite the leaked natural gas.

4. Do not stay indoors. Evacuate as soon as you can.

5. Do not keep windows and doors closed. This allows natural gas to build up and accumulate, and could make the situation worse.

6. Do not fail to report the situation. Play it safe, and contact professionals whenever you suspect a leak.

7. Do not use matches or lighters. Avoid any open flames, which can ignite natural gas. Explosions caused by the ignition of accumulated natural gas can level a home.

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