Hanwei &Haier is elected to 2015 China”Top 10”


Hanwei &Haier is elected to 2015 China”Top 10”
The Chairman Mr.Ren is invited to talk withChief Executive China


7th January,2016,the The Chairman of Henan Hanwei, Mr.Ren,was invited to attend the Election of 2015 China Top 10 Management Practice and the Award Ceremony(hereafter called “Top 10”) by an leading business management Media Chief Executive China of Global Sources. The theme of “Top 10” is “The dream of Chinese Manufacturer” this year,and Hanwei is elected as the outstanding innovation of Organizational Pattern.The other enterprises that were elected are Haier,Fotile,Comau,Rapooetc.

In the Peak dialogue link, Mr.Ren introduced the growth of Henan Hanwei and his experience of business startups, and illustrated his opinion about the hot words in the last year. In addition, Mr.Ren answered the questions about the dilemma SMEs are faced with. According to the situations that how should the SMEs response to the hot topic of “Intelligent manufacturing in China” and how to connect the client to it.


Mr.Ren adviced SMEs that they should focus on the development of the whole world in the future but not only chase after the tendency in present. He said :”we should keep pace or even advance with the times and keep the original goal in mind. Only if the things you’re doing conform with the trend, that would be your advantages. Then, what you should do is insisting on doing it for 10 or 15 years, and you’ll see that maybe the next tendency would be your opportunity.

For Hanwei, the IOT that takes the sensors as the core, is facing a big tendency in fuel gas, water supply, informationzation of safety production, and environment protection, etc. With the accumulation of the past 17 years, Hanwei is the leading enterprise in technology in the industry of China, so we have advantages in the competition. On the contrary, if a newcomer shows up all at once and says that he want to build an IOT enterprise, he will get into a trap, because he cannot catch the opportunity . So I suggest that you could adapt to the trend of the time with change and invariability , and keep doing the things you are good at. The future is in your hand. “


At the same time,Mr.Ren also proposed that in order to catch the changes of clients and the feedback about products ,find the new power , SMEs could build and connect the information systems, such as CRM & ERP. His clear thinking, powerful argument, and lively cases aroused the resonate of the audience and warm applauses.


Hanwei and Global Sources have cooperated for more than 10 years with good relationship. The theme of “Top 10” exactly correspond to the course of dream chaser, Hanwei. In the new year ,Hanwei will cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, and develop with innovation along the way of looking for more opportunities worldwide.