Alcohol Tester AT6000 Genuine Verification Statement


Appearance Design and picturesertificate nds and partners !
Recently we found some products which has same appearance as our alcohol tester AT6000 (Picture as attached), selling at a very low price in the market, which has same appearance as our alcohol tester AT6000, this makes confusion for our distributors and consumers. For AT6000, our company had applied and got the product design patent from China Intellectual property rights bureau in 2009, Please see the details as attached.
It is well known that the performance of alcohol tester will depend on the key component - gas sensor. Why AT6000 is popular in the market? because of the good quality and performance of the sensor, it adopts our own flat-surfaced alcohol sensor, which with very good accuracy and reliability, it could show two bit after the decimal, like 0.15, 0.16, 0.17, 0.18 etc, it is suitable for personal or commercial applications who requests high quality testing.
However, this imitation version just imitates our appearance design, it adopts the sensor which used in LED alcohol testers, we can imagine its performance is good or not, its sensor type, performance, simple circuit design principle and marketing orientation is completely different with our AT6000. The result only can be shown as 0.10, 0.20, 0.30 etc, although it also show two bit after decimal, but the final number will always be 0. Its performance is just same as the LED ones, or the simple LCD ones. The related technology and materials cost is very cheap.
Dear customers, friends and partners, please pay great attention on such imitation version if come to your market or not, also please identify and contrast this product with ours according to our above remind, then choose the Genuine product for sell ing, Meantime please inform your clients to pay attention on this. Once again, our genuine product does not have orange color. If you find there are fake products in large qty in your market, please collect evidences to inform us as soon as possible, Let's make efforts together to reduce the harm to market and end-users, if you have great contribution to the fight against such fake product, we promise to provide you generous encouragement and marketing support.

Alcohol Tester AT6000


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