Hanwei Electronics help the non-coal mine to construct Hedge Six System


 On request of << the non-coal mine safety standardization >>, << Hedge Six System construction >> and << Regarding the instruction of using the advanced technology in the non-coal mine >> by State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision in china. Each local government have arranged to promote safe technical progress, improve the safe condition, deepen the construction of safe in the non-coal mine.
Hanwei Electronics concentrate their efforts on investigating on the spot of hundreds of the non-coal mines, and understanding customer's requirements deeply. Now Hanwei Electronics developed << the non-coal mine production safety Information System Platform >> successfully.
This concludes : the monitoring and control system, the collier tracking system, emergency system, compressed air self-saving system, Water supply rescue system, underground communication system; and has been successfully adopted in some enterprises, for safe production and colliers in the non-coal mine.