Forbes China released "the List of 2017 China's Potential Enterprises"


Forbes China released"the List of 2017 China Potential Enterprise",at the same time ,Forbes determined to hold the ceremony in Zhengzhou in May.(Repost from Sina Finance)

It has been 12 years ever since the first release of "the list of 100 China Potential Enterprises" in2005.Forbes investigated and surveyed China SME comprehensively and independently,and made the history by presenting the list of potential listed companies,unlisted companies and notable NEEQ (National Equities Exchange And Quotations )companies,which including 220 enterprises.While the new prominent SME sprung up in the market became the focus.In terms of geographical distribution,half of them are located in Guangdong,Zhejiang and Beijing,Guangdong occupied the most which reached more than 20%.In 2017,Forbes selected 100 Potential NEEQ Enterprises as well,whereas more than half of them are founded in Beijing,Shanghai and Guangdong.Thereinto, Henan Hanwei Electronics (www.hwsensor.com)is one of the only 3 Henan listed enterprises on the list.



At the same time, Forbes China announced that "2017 Forbes China Potential Enterprise Innovation Summit and Ceremony" will be grandly held in Zhengdong new district.The enterprises on the list will be invited to gather for the communication and further development together.

The Chief Editor of Forbes China told us, as the list that deeply displores the most growing SME in China,the list of China Potential Enterprises is accordance with the characteristics of boom city in Zhengzhou.On account of the fact that Zhengzhou and potential companies are on the rapid rising orbit of development,the combination of them will burst out more inspirations and sparks.

The president of Forbes China Mr.WU said that ,the reason why we choose Zhengzhou is that the special city characteristics of Zhengzhou has the commonality with the DNA of China potential enterprises.Besides,the year of 2017 will be the outset of the construction of National Central City for Zhengzhou,which will face with the unprecedented opportunities.