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GT-WD series fixed gas detector is our new developed type of gas detector. It adopts high-quality gas sensitive element and microcontroller technology, and made by excellent SMD craftwork. It has advantages of good repeatability, temperature & humidity performance, long life and easy to operate, suitable for gas centration detection in industrial fields.
The detector is widely used in industrial gas detection fields where may has dangerous gases such as petroleum and petrochemical’s oil refineries, chemical plants, metallurgy industries, and electric power industries.
smart sensor module, easy for sensor replacement
audible and visual alarm
 Sampling method:natural diffusion;
 Power voltage:DC 24V±6V;
 Power consumption:≤3W;
 Accuracy:≤±3%LEL(flammable gas)/≤±5%FS(toxic gas)
 Status indication:
 yellow light as to fault, red light as to alarm,
 green light as to normal status;
 Operation method:infrared remote control;
 Response time(t90):flammable gas≤30s toxic gas≤60s;
 Working temperature:
 -40℃~+70℃(flammable gas)
 -20℃~+50℃(toxic gas/oxygen);
 Working humidity:≤95%RH(no dews);
 Explosion proof level:Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb;
 Protection degree:IP65;
 Environmental pressure:86kPa~106kPa;
 Output signal:4~20mA/RS485;
 Connecting thread:G3/4(FPT);
 Cable:≥1.5 mm2×3 shielded cable
 external diameter 6mm~9mm(4~20mA)/ 1.5 mm2×4(RS485);
 Transmission distance:≤1000m;
 Sensor life:3 years for catalytic sensor, 2 years for electrochemical sensor(related to using environment);
 Dimension:204 mm×220 mm×105 mm;
 Weight:about 2kg.
Package and Accessories:
pcs per carton, size: 40*27*15cm

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