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CXE Fixed Gas Detector

Low power consumption

Stable transmission


Sensor type: Catalytic sensor

Power: DC24V±6V

Electrical output: RS485 Power BUS



CXE combustible gas detector is mainly used in small restaurants, shopping malls, underground integrated pipe corridors and other environments where gas may leak. When the gas concentration in the environment exceeds the preset alarming value, the indicator will give an alarm. At the same time, it can output signals and drive valves and other equipment to protect the user's personal and property safety.


Compact design

Low power consumption

Stable transmission



Applicable to 9 small places such as industrial and commercial small restaurants, snack bars, barber shops, bathrooms, small hospitals, shopping malls etc.


Sensor type Catalytic sensor
Power DC24V±6V
Electrical output RS485 Power BUS
Operating temperature -40~70℃
Closure material Aluminum alloy
Relay capacity 3A@DC30V or 3A@AC250V
Ingress protection IP66
Cable entry NPT1/2
Dimensions 95mm x 106mm x 76.5mm
Ex grade Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb / Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃
State indication Yellow-Fault, Red-Alarm, Green-Power
Extendable functions Wireless: GPRS / NB-IoT
Temperature and humidity collection function

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