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FD10-IR3 Triple IR Flame Detector

Response spectrum range: 3.8μm, 4.3μm, 5.0μm

Response time: <30s

Ingress protection: IP66

Supply voltage: DC24V±6V

The longest detection distance can reach 50 meters



FD10-IR3 triple IR flame detector is a new type of intelligent fire detection equipment. The detectors uses 3 infrared sensors with different wavelengths with narrow-band filtering. One sensor is used to reflect the center wavelength of the flame information. The other two sensors is used to monitor other infrared radiation in the environment. Combining with the flicker characteristics of the flame, analyzing through high-speed microprocessors and calculating by mathematical algorithms, the radiation spectrum with flame characteristics is confirmed as a fire alarm.

The detector suppress the interference of sunlight, lightning, electric welding, thermal radiation, electromagnetic interference, mechanical vibration and other interference, thus achieving the rapid response and accurate identification of the flame signal.


Using high-speed, low-consumption and high-performance 32-bit data processing chip

Excellent resistance to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference

Perfect patent algorithm, fast response, high stability, strong anti-false alarm ability

Detection angle of 90°

The longest detection distance can reach 50 meters

Multi-level sensitivity settings to meet the needs of different occasions

Magnetic bar adjusts sensitivity, no need opening the cover on site

Explosion-proof design, suitable for hazardous areas in many types of industrial sites


Heavy industry applications, tunnel industry, oil and gas tank farm, power industry and petrochemical industry, etc.


Response spectrum range 3.8μm, 4.3μm, 5.0μm
Detection object Flame
Detection method
Real-time sampling of optical path
Display method LED lights
Status indication Green LED flashes to indicate normal operation (the number of flashes every 3 seconds represents the sensitivity level) Red LED always lights to indicate an alarm
Operation method Magnetic bar to adjust sensitivity (4 levels totally)
Signal output
4-20mA output
2 relays for fault and alarm (free contact) 
Response time <30s
Ex grade Ex d IIC T6 Gb / Ex tD A21
Ingress protection IP66
Supply voltage DC24V±6V
Working current ≤30mA (DC23V)
Longest detection distance 50 meters, 0.3m×0.3m N-heptane fire
Detection angle 90°
Weight 1.5±0.2kg
Installation method Wall mounted or lifting or holding-pipe
Cable entry interface NPT1/2, default transfer to G1/2 (internal thread)
Housing material Copper-free cast aluminum (epoxy resin on the surface)
Environment temp -20℃~+60℃
Environment humidity ≤95%RH (no condensation)

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