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FRLD200 PTZ Scanning Methane Detector

Detecting gas: Methane (CH4)

Principle: Laser spectral absorption technology

Threshold: 100ppm.m

Response time: T90≤1s

Detection distance: ≥100m

Signal output: RS485, Ethernet, 4-20mA



FRLD200 PTZ scanning laser Methane detector is an area-detection product outdoor use. By adopting high-performance and large-light-surface photosensitive optics and micro-control technology, combined with sophisticated SMD technology, this equipment has good repeatability, lower influence by temperature and humidity, long lifespan, easy-to-operate and other advantages.


Remote detection of gas leakage

Longer detection distance (Max. 150m)

Fast response, high sensitivity

High accuracy, stable performance and long lifespan

Multiple signal output (RS485, Ethernet, 4-20mA)

Professional mounting bracket, easy and convenient to install on site

Flameproof head, horizontally 360 degree continuous rotation, vertically ±90 degrees

Night vision infrared system, 2 megapixels, 20 x optical zoom

Visual monitoring platform, real-time and effective location of leakage point.


The equipment is widely used in gas detection of natural gas gate station and storage station, oil refinery, chemical plant, metallurgy industry, electric power industry and other places that may produce harmful gas to human body.


Measuring gas Methane (CH4)
Principle Laser spectral absorption technology
Detection range 0-50000ppm.m
Threshold 100ppm.m
Response time T90≤1s
Detection distance ≥100m
Signal output RS485, Ethernet, 4-20mA
Enclosure material Stainless steel
Operation mode RS485 control unit
Cable entry NPT3/4 (F)
Explosive proof Ex d IIC T6 Gb / Ex tD A21 IP66/67 T80℃
Ingress protection IP66 / 67
Working temperature -40℃ ~ +60℃
Working humidity <95%RH (no condensation)
Wind speed No more than 8m/s
Dimension & weight 498*378cm, about 30kg

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